Aerial-technical layouts:

The delivery of new centrifugal fans belongs to our performance in this area in the different construction forms (as a spiral case or free running). These fans are adapted to the necessary performance data of your layout.

The failure- free operation of your layouts is our aim. We offer preventive servicing measures and maintenance measures for your centrifugal fans to you.

The care with corresponding spare parts also belongs to this offer: from the being absent screw about the fan wheel up to the completely new centrifugal fan as a substitute with an irreparable machine.


Driveways and machines protection:

With pleasure we compile in narrow cooperation with you also extensive concepts for the driveways and machines protection in your company to protect your employees and machines against injuries and damages by forklifts or similar.


Reservoirs according to §19. l WHG:

 We are an admitted professional company according to §19. l WHG and are supervised constantly by the safety standards authority.

As a professional company we have the registration for the construction of reservoirs without pressure and drip pans for the protection of the environment before hazardous to waters materials of the water danger classes WGK1 – WGK3.

All reservoirs and drip pans are manufactured the in each case allowed material in the necessary dimensions and are delivered by wish with different surface treatments (provided that the legislator or the pollutant these do not limit).


In-plant means of transportation:

We manufacture on your company and demands fitted transport solutions for the manual operation as well as for the operation behind train vehicles.


The security-technical supervision by the DEKRA guarantees the free from problems expiry of the works in our plant.